If you're planning on preparing your own label artwork for your custom label bottled water, please refer to this basic guide. Shoud you have questions please feel free to contact us at or 480-443-0907.

view 12 oz. guidelines
view 16.9 oz. guidelines

Adobe Illustrator version CSI

Adobe Photoshop 5.0/5.5: Files in CMYK or grayscale must be 300dpi at 100% of use size. Spot colors must be called out in a separate channel otherwise they will be converted to CMYK. If a spot color is going to be used, use the program’s default title given to the spot color, don’t change the pantone name, i.e. Pantone® 485CVU, don’t change this spot color’s name to "red".

QuarkXPress 3.3 & 4.0

Freehand Files: Must be saved as EPS for importation into Adobe Illustrator.

Pagemaker: Not supported. Pre Press not compatible with Flexographic printing.

Liquid Assets' preferred format for receiving artwork is EPS with all of the fonts used in the job converted to outlines (paths). Adobe Photoshop EPS, TIFF and PSD files are acceptabled, however, these files should be used for background artwork ONLY (images) and not for text. All forms of Photoshop files that are to be used must have an ORIINAL file resolution of 300 dpi or higher.

view 12 oz. guidelines
view 16.9 oz. guidelines

Adobe Illustrator 8.0 (if using non-Adobe typefaces, must convert text to curves)

Corel Draw must be converted to text as curves and then exported out as .ai (Adobe Illustrator). Placed files must also be included as they do not transfer with complete file and must be repositioned.

QuarkXPress: Call for instructions (All PC files will be converted to Macintosh platform.) We try to match typefaces as closely as possible but cannot guarantee an exact match. If you include the manufacturer name we can usually purchase the typeface for Macintosh to ensure a perfect match.

Label sizes for the 12 oz are 1.75" x 5.25" and 16.9 oz are 2.0" x 5/375" in which we need 0.125" on all sides beyond this for bleed.

Please note that .PDF files will not work with flexographic printing (the type of printing we do). Offset print houses can work with those making film and plates straight from a .PDF file, we canNOT.