Liquid Assets Bottled Water, Inc is committed to doing what is right for the environment and to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  We are also working to inform people in a variety of different ways about our own personal responsibility to be environmentally friendly- “creating a better tomorrow than today”

Liquid Assets Bottled Water, sustainability vision is simple in concept, but far-reaching in impact. Environmental stewardship is a core part of this vision.  Liquid Assets recognizes our responsibility to be a good steward of the environment, both as a corporate citizen and as a way to support the company’s goals.

Liquid Assets Bottled Water, Inc has worked to encourage recycling.  Every employee has a separate recycling bin at their desks, we use paper that contains post consumer recycled paper, that is acid free and free from harmful ink or dyes. We encourage and ask that all ink jet cartridges, batteries, cell phones are properly recycled as well as ask all employees and partners to stop getting junk mail. (Search for websites on how to “stop junk mail”).  We are also asking our customers to accept invoices via email instead of mail. 

Liquid Assets Bottled Water Inc, uses Arizona Public Service (APS) for our energy at our corporate office, APS is doing all they can to use more solar power and 2011a plant called Solana that will be one of the largest solar plants in the world when completed.  We also use compact fluorescent light bulbs in the office.  This step alone helps reduce our carbon footprint in two ways.  First by reducing the amount of energy used and second, it reduces the amount of CO2 that we would be responsible for releasing in the atmosphere.

While we have considered corn-based plastics, we believe they are not a truly sustainable solution. They are likely to require the conversion of large tracts of land to agricultural usage, with profoundly detrimental impacts on those tracts' ecosystems. Large-scale use of corn-based plastics would also cause food prices to rise further. Even now, demand for corn-based ethanol is making food more costly, as the increasing scarcity of corn makes it more expensive to use as an ingredient in food products and as feed for livestock, as well as the price would be at least 5 times what PET costs now. Compared to other plastics, PET is easily recyclable and has many uses. The demand for recycled PET is extremely high due to its use as a replacement for polyester, which can be used in carpeting, clothing material and textile products such as “polar fleece.” Some companies turn PET into fiberfill for sleeping bags, toys and jackets.

A Majority of the bottles that are used by Liquid Assets Bottled Water, Inc come from Ball Corporation (one of the largest supplier of plastic bottles in the world) Ball also supplies bottles for major soda companies and with these companies "environmental friendly" is of top importance. Ball also uses at least 10% recycled plastic. Ball Plastics has also reduced its gram weight on the bottles from 23.5 g to 15.2 g a 35% reduction over the past few years.

Liquid Assets has several bottling facilities throughout the country, thus shipping from the closest facility to the customer, reducing the amount of fuel and carbon emissions.  Liquid Assets also uses 65% recycled boxes (in 80% of the product we produce) as well as the bottles, labels, caps are all recyclable!

Liquid Assets is in business of Marketing, the water is a added feature, with the quality of product provided you are not only providing a great marketing medium to the customers, but we are also encouraging the customer to reuse the bottles (filling up with a 5 gallon jug or tap should they choose-warm water and soap to clean bottle after repeat usage) thus providing marketing as well as eliminating the customer from using a "generic" water bottle that gets thrown out or ideally recycled, instead of 4-5 generic water bottles consumed, we hope that only 1 bottle of a "custom label" bottle is used. 

We encourage recycling in several ways not only by putting the bottle in a recyclable bin, but to re-use the bottle. Thus creating a marketing medium, eliminating the need for another marketing medium.  Private label bottled water has several advantages over other marketing mediums.  More paper gets thrown out then bottled water bottles.

Liquid Assets also encourages a minimum order of at least 60 cases to all customers (we have a few less then but are encouraging those customers to take more at one time); this not only provides savings to the customer but reduces the resources used. 

Through our encouragement of recycling we are working to “reduce, reuse and recycle”