Effective May 2007


  • Freight charges will be billed additional for  increase in fuel surcharges and extraordinary delivery situations such  as inside delivery. 
  • All freight quotes are based on deliveries to the  back of the truck or a loading dock without driver assist, unless  otherwise noted. 
  • Carrier shipping transit days are approximate and  are not guaranteed unless the fee is paid to guarantee normal ship days.  Even under guaranteed normal ship day service, the trucker's  responsibility is limited to the amount of the freight invoice. 
  • We are not responsible for products once we have  transferred control to the appropriate freight vendor, but will assist  in filing of claims on your behalf, should they arise. 
  • All accessorial charges or difficult deliveries  will be billed to your account. 
  • Inside delivery is quoted as reasonable and  does not technically include stairs, difficult to reach locations, or  great distances. Extra charges or refusals may apply. 
  • If you are not available and an accessorial charge  decision must be made, we will perform the necessary service and bill  you the proper charge. 
  • Residential delivery service applies to any  normally non-commercial address. Businesses in homes are considered  residential deliveries. If in doubt ask for verification of your  particular situation. In all cases if residential delivery is performed  you are responsible for that accessorial charge. 
  • Redelivery charges can be higher than the  accessorial estimate. Also, any additional services required will be  billed over and above the redelivery and initial freight charges. 
  • Also subject to all terms and conditions located  on the Shipping Bill of Lading.

  • All sales are final upon order and are not  returnable. If an order is cancelled the customer is responsible for all  incurred costs up to the time of cancellation, including but not limited  to artwork, setup charges, proofs, label printing, and finished product.  Printed labels not yet applied to the bottle will be billed at .05 per  label plus set-up and art charges.  
  • Accounts are on a C.O.D. Cash or Certified Check  basis until other arrangements are approved.  
  • A returned check charge of $35.00 per occurrence  will be charged for all returned checks.  
  • All accounts are liable for all reasonable  collection costs, attorney fees, court costs, and/or any other costs  associated with a collection action so as Liquid Assets Bottled Water,  Inc, it's assigns, or companies it represents will net a minimum of the  amount due with interest, which is billed at 2 percent per month.  
  • Account agrees to pay interest at a rate of 2  percent per month on all overdue balances.
  • Requests of proof of delivery are subject to a  $10.00 charge per shipment. The charge will be canceled if delivery was  not made as invoiced.  
  • Account agrees to all prices, fees and terms as  presented in the pricing sheets(emailed pricing quotes). Prices are  subject to change without notice.  
  • All claims for internal damages must be made  within 72 hours of receipt of goods to be considered valid. Claims for  external damages must be noted on the bill of lading at the time of  delivery to be valid. We will not be responsible for any claims if there  is no exception noted on the delivery bill of lading.  
  • All parties agree to have any and all legal  actions subject to the laws and provisions of Arizona and agree to a  venue of Maricopa County, AZ for any and all actions.  
  • In any case, no matter the fault, our liability is  limited in all cases to the amount of our invoice.  
  • This document covers all sales of Liquid  Assets Bottled Water, Inc.